Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to begin welcoming everyone safely back to NEB's Fun World. These are our current plans for re-opening, please keep in mind that things can and will change. We will update this page when there are changes.

UPDATE As of Monday November 23rd 2020, NEB's now has a max capacity of 10 people and must book online.

As of Monday November 16th 2020, Last call for alcohol will now be 8:45PM and Last call for food & drink will be at 9:15PM

We plan on opening NEB's Fun World in 3 different phases. We have listed what will open in each phase below. There is no timeframe on when we are moving from phases at this time.

PHASE 1 Current Phase

  • Arcade
  • Food & Beverage


Dark Ride
  • Hologate
  • Sparetime Express
  • Bumper Cars
  • Mini Jets


  • Indoor Playground
  • Skylight Screamer
  • Himalaya

Re-Opening Procedures/Changes

Physical Distancing



Food & Beverage

Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

Team Members

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