Parties Must Be Booked In Advance

Bowl Pack

$1900 per person
  • 1 Hour of bowling with shoes
  • 55 Arcade credits
  • 1 Hour of reserved seating
  • 2 Slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • 1 Drink (pop, juice or bottled water)
  • Taxes Included
  • Inquire

Fort Pack

$1900 per person
  • 1 Day pass for play centre
  • 55 Arcade credits
  • 2 Hours of reserved seating
  • 2 Slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • 1 Drink (pop, juice or bottled water)
  • Taxes Included
  • Inquire

Ride Pack

$2500 per person
  • 5 Ride Tickets
  • 55 Arcade credits
  • 2 Hours of reserved seating
  • 2 Slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • 1 Drink (pop, juice or bottled water)
  • Taxes Included
  • Inquire

Mega Pack Best Value

$3825 per person
  • 1 Hour of bowling with shoes
  • 6 Ride Tickets
  • 115 Arcade credits
  • 1 Hour of reserved seating
  • 2 Slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza
  • 1 Drink (pop, juice or bottled water)
  • Taxes Included
  • Inquire

Party Add-Ons

**Each Add-On must be added for every guest**

+ Play Centre

Bowl, Ride or Mega
All day access for
kids 12 & under



+ 2 Ride Tickets

To Any Package
Use on your choice of rides



+ 4 Ride Tickets

To Any Package
Use on your choice of rides



+ Cosmic Bowling

Bowl or Mega
Glow bowling is only on
Saturdays @ 6:30 PM
Must be paid in advance


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Booking FAQ

No, but one of our party planners will contact you by email within 1 business day! After checking availability you’ll be booked into our system and sent a confirmation email.
Yes! Our reservation line is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The number to call is (905) 723-2631.
The sooner the better, especially for a Ride Pack or Fort Pack as time slots are more limited. We just need an approximate number of kids to make the booking — that guest count can be adjusted once RSVPs come back.
No, parties of all sizes are welcome!
Yes, can’t forget the most important person!
All prices shown on our website are per person and without tax. Multiply the package price by the number of kids to get your estimated grand total (before tax).
For extra fun you can add the play centre or ride tickets (quantity of 2 or 4) to your party package. The add on price is added to the package price you pay for each guest. Every party guest gets the same add on if you want one. The exception would be a play centre add on when some guests are over the age of 12.
We need to know your preferred date, time and package. An estimated guest count is also needed so we hold enough space — this number can be adjusted once RSVPs come back.
Yes, please contact us by phone or email to make the change. If space is available, we’ll be happy to accommodate!
No, a party with 18 guests or fewer does not require a deposit. You just pay on party day for who shows up!
You only need to prepay if the booking is for 19 guests or more. In that case, payment is due by the Tuesday before your party. Any no shows are refunded on party day though!
You only pay for who shows up on party day! If you prepaid, the no-shows will be refunded.
No, but we ask that you let us know out of courtesy.

Package FAQ

Unfortunately not, everyone in your party has to do the same package.
Sorry but packages cannot be altered.
Each child receives 55 arcade credits (or 115 with the Mega Pack) preloaded onto a swipe card.
No, add ons can only be applied to a package (not stand alone).
No, you’d choose the Bowl Pack or Mega Pack if you want a package with bowling.
No, add ons must be booked before the day of your party. Our reservation desk is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Yes! You can get a second hour of bowling for $4.75 (tax in) extra per guest.
Yes, please let us know how many adults will be bowling. The price is $7.75 (tax in) per person.
For sure! Just let us know how many credits you’d like to add per guest.
Restrictions are by height and/or weight so please check our website for the rides that interest you.
The number of rides your guests can go on will depend on which ones they select! The Go-Karts, Rock Wall and Dark Ride XD require 2 tickets. All of our other rides only need 1 ticket.
Yes! The wristband grants access to the play centre until it closes that day.
No, the wristband is for the play centre only but you get all day access to it. All of our rides take tickets instead.
No but it’s a huge structure so you won’t feel cramped!
Crawlers can use the play centre for free when part of a paying group (a birthday party, for example). Children under the age of 3 require adult supervision inside the play centre because there is no designated toddler area. There is no cost for adults to gain access but everyone needs to be wearing socks.

Planning FAQ

Please put a start time that is 15 minutes earlier than your booking, especially if it’s a Bowl Pack or Mega Pack. This gives your guests extra time to arrive and get settled.
This will vary by package and whether or not you do add ons. The shortest party will be about 2 hours. Just ask your party planner for a time estimate based on your specific package!
Bowling is first and lasts an hour. Following that you get 1 hour of reserved seating in the lounge (for pizza). Then it’s free time for any other entertainment up until we close!
You get 2 hours of reserved in the Rides Room. Pizza is served at the half way point. Entertainment is yours to enjoy until we close.
No but specific tables are marked off for you in a larger room. Bowl Pack and Mega Pack parties are seated in the lounge for 1 hour. Ride Pack and Fort Pack parties get 2 hours of seating in the Rides Room.
No fee! And our cafe is always open if you’d like to purchase extra food for them.
We guarantee 2 extra seats for every 6 party guests. For example, a booking for 12 kids would come with 16 seats in total. Please let us know if you require additional seating and we’ll try to accommodate your request.
If you originally booked for 19 or more guests, please let us know if that number has dropped to 18 or fewer by the Tuesday preceding your party date.
No, but you can download and print a NEB’s invitation from our website.
The seating area is undecorated so you can go with a theme of your choosing! Tablecloths and balloons are popular choices. Please do not tape to our walls or bring in a piñata.
You are welcome to bring in loot bags but every package does include arcade credits for winning prizes.
Yes, socks are required inside the bowling shoes and play centre.

Food FAQ

Yes, everything for serving the pizza meal is provided by us. Remember to bring plates, forks, napkins and candles of your own if you choose to bring a cake.
No, the only outside food/drink we allow is cake (or cupcakes).
Yes, a birthday cake (or cupcakes) is the only exception to our “no outside food/drink” policy. Remember to bring your own plates, forks, napkins and candles for serving the cake.
Yes, there are freezers in our kitchen for storing it. There is also some freezer space at the Rides Room desk if you check in there for a Fort Pack or Ride Pack party.
There is a cake drop off window across from the main desk (opens into our kitchen). If you're checking in at the Rides Room desk, we also have cake storage options there (freezer, fridge, shelf).
Yes, just remember to bring some!
Please let us know if any of your party guests have a food allergy so we can make special arrangements.
Yes, ingredients for our most popular items are on the website.
Things like pizza and snacks can be purchased from our cafe on the day of your party.
Yes, but they are only available through our catering service.
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